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What do people need to know about dog bite incidents in Missouri?

On Behalf of | Mar 19, 2024 | Personal Injury

When a dog attacks and bites someone, the injured human could face numerous consequences. Violent dogs can cause disfiguring wounds and major infections. In some cases, incidents can cause broken bones and psychological trauma.

The person injured by an aggressive dog or the parent of an injured child may have questions about what happens next. People are often uncertain about how to handle an incident involving an aggressive animal. After all, it is not possible to hold an animal legally and financially accountable for injuring someone.

What do people typically need to know about dog bite attacks and similar incidents that occur in Missouri?

Animal owners are liable in most cases

Every state in the country technically has its own statutes about personal injury and liability. Missouri is one of the states with a strict liability statute. Dog owners are liable for the costs generated when their pets attack humans or livestock. Many animal owners help mitigate that liability by carrying homeowner’s insurance or renter’s insurance coverage. The person attacked by the animal or the parent of a child injured by a dog may need to file a personal injury lawsuit to obtain insurance compensation.

What types of compensation are available?

There are certain types of reimbursement that people may receive after getting hurt by an animal. Coverage for medical expenses is available. People can seek compensation for bills already accrued and also reimbursement for likely future medical expenses as well, including rehabilitation costs.

Dog bite incidents can also cause property damage losses. People can break phones and other personal property when a dog suddenly attacks. The incident could also damage or destroy clothing, which could potentially be valuable. If treatment or the injuries leave someone unable to work, they might be able to recover their lost wages. Missouri law even permits claims for pain and suffering in some cases where a dog bite attack causes severe injuries that affect someone’s quality of life.

Those involved in a dog bite incident sometimes feel guilty about taking action. However, holding an animal’s owner accountable is a reasonable response to an incident caused by an aggressive pet. Understanding the general rules for dog bite injury claims in Missouri may benefit those attacked by an animal. People who know their rights may find it easier to hold a negligent animal owner responsible for the impacts that an attack causes.