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Taking your bike on the open road can be incredibly satisfying, but motorcycle riders face danger from inattentive drivers and other hazards. Lacking the protection offered by a car or truck, a motorcycle crash victim often suffers debilitating injuries and even fatal ones. Barnes Law Firm in Kansas City, Missouri, advocates for crash victims and their families in personal injury and wrongful death actions. We have the litigation background and a network of expert witnesses to construct comprehensive legal arguments during trials and settlement negotiations.

Accomplished Firm Works To Hold Negligent Car And Truck Drivers Accountable

Our personal injury attorneys represent victims in litigation and insurance claims throughout Missouri and Kansas. Using our experience handling all types of car accident cases, we give plaintiffs the knowledge and confidence they need to seek justice. Starting with a free initial consultation, we’ll provide strong advocacy and advise you on particular legal issues that might affect your motorcycle collision claim such as:

  • Helmet laws: Missouri requires universal helmet use for motorcycle riders, while Kansas bikers of age 18 and over are allowed to ride without any head protection. Whether you’re wearing a helmet or not, a motorcycle crash could cause a traumatic brain injury and possibly permanent damage.
  • Turn signals: For more than four decades, motorcycle makers have been required to install turn signals on their vehicles, but sideswipes and other accidents still occur because drivers fail to recognize that a bike is turning.
  • Headlights: Restricted night vision can be an issue both for bikers and for motorists who cannot recognize them quickly enough. If a collision occurs during twilight or darkness, we can determine whether headlight problems were a contributing cause and if a manufacturer might bear some liability for the injury.

Insurance companies often try to pressure crash victims into a quick settlement, but our firm has the experience to assess the true value of a potential claim. The harm that results from a motorcycle accident can range from bruises and abrasions to paralysis or even death. We’ll fight to hold negligent parties to account and to secure an outcome that addresses your health care expenses, rehabilitation costs, lost wages and the pain you endured. If a loved one died in a motorcycle crash, we’ll strive to obtain the legal relief available to help deal with the financial aspect of your loss.

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Barnes Law Firm advocates on behalf of Missouri and Kansas motorcycle accident victims in litigation and insurance claims. Our office is located in the Plaza area of Kansas City, Missouri. For a free consultation, please call 816-608-4065 or contact us online.