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Skillful Kansas City Train Accident Lawyers Represent Railroad Victims

Attorneys Work To Hold Negligent Parties Accountable After A Train Accident Injury

People and businesses rely on the safe operation of trains whether they are being used to transport passengers or freight. These powerful machines travel at high speeds but lack the maneuverability of other vehicles, so safe operation and diligent maintenance are essential at all times. When a train wreck or some other type of railroad accident occurs, the Barnes Law Firm in Kansas City, Missouri, has the ability and determination to discover what happened and pursue justice for the victims of these incidents and their families.

Missouri Firm Handles Matters Involving Derailments And Other Incidents

Railroads are usually run by large companies, so it might seem difficult to determine exactly who is responsible for addressing your claim. With a strong background in this area, we know how to develop a comprehensive legal argument. In a free initial consultation, our lawyers will outline the potential liability in rail accident cases stemming from:

  • Derailments: A train derailment puts everyone on board in jeopardy. These significant failures frequently have more than one contributing cause. In cases involving workers, passengers and bystanders, we don’t take the simple way out but press for full compensation from every negligent company and individual.
  • Passenger falls: Quick starts and stops could cause someone to fall or hit an obstacle while riding on a train. Many railroad cars have been in service for decades and lack suitable safety measures. In other instances, the train might have been speeding. Don’t assume that you’re to blame if you fall as a railroad passenger. Our firm can assess whether someone else is responsible for your injury.
  • Vehicle and pedestrian strikes: When a train hits a car, pedestrian or another train, the damage can be catastrophic. Our lawyers are accomplished advocates who know how to obtain the best possible results in auto accident litigation and insurance claims. We’ll look at potential factors such as driver inattention, mechanical failure and faulty crossing gates and then take action against the liable parties.
  • Railyard injuries: Extremely hot engines, cars bumping together and heavy equipment pose a danger even if trains are situated in the railyard. For injured railroad workers, our firm aggressively litigates FELA claims and also handles personal injury actions.

Regardless of how powerful the adversary is or how complex the claim might be, we will press for a verdict or settlement that reimburses you for medical costs, lost income and other pertinent damages.

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