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Kansas City Amputation Attorneys

Missouri And Kansas Lawyers Seek Compensation For Victims Of Accidents And Poor Health Care

When someone suffers removal of a body part due to trauma, disease or other medical condition, they deserve a strong lawyer who has won substantial verdicts and settlements in severe injury cases. Experts predict rates of amputation to increase over the coming years as the population ages and diabetes-related vascular problems multiply. Barnes Law Firm in Kansas City, Missouri, represents area clients in litigation relating to vehicle accidents, product failures and other incidents that result in amputation. We also handle litigation based on the failure of health care providers to treat these serious conditions properly.

Aggressive Firm Delivers Comprehensive Support In Amputation Matters

Our personal injury lawyers work closely with clients to gain a thorough understanding of their situation and fight for ample reimbursement for the loss of a limb. With a strong track record in these matters, we are well-versed in all aspects of amputation claims including:

  • Types of incidents: Whether the amputation was the result of a vehicle accident, a product defect, medical malpractice or some other cause, we conduct a thorough investigation to find each person and company who contributed.
  • Workplace injuries: Losing a hand, arm, leg, eye or finger in an industrial accident might limit or end your ability to work. We’ll advise you about how specific conditions are rated under the workers’ compensation rules as we press for the benefits you are entitled to.
  • Emotional distress: When someone has a body part amputated, it’s a permanent disfigurement that often leads to significant mental anguish and emotional distress. Our firm doesn’t overlook this aspect of amputation and considers all of the short- and long-term effects when pursuing damages.

According to the Amputation Coalition, nearly two million Americans have lost a limb. Thousands of amputations occur in Missouri and Kansas each year and in some instances, medical bills can exceed $100,000 for these procedures. We offer a free initial consultation so that individuals who have experienced or are facing amputation have an informed understanding of their legal rights.

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Barnes Law Firm assists Missouri and Kansas amputees and their families in seeking relief from the individuals and businesses responsible for their injuries. To schedule a free consultation at our Plaza area office in Kansas City, Missouri, please call 816-608-4065 or contact us online.