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Our Kansas City Attorneys Represent People Recovering From Spinal Cord Injuries

Accidental injuries are often described as mild, serious and catastrophic. A serious injury in a car accident might be a broken arm or a neck or back injury. A broken bone or herniated disk can be painful and expensive, but there may be hope for an eventual return to a normal lifestyle.

A spinal cord injury (SCI), on the other hand, is a catastrophic injury – a personal and clinical challenge like no other. A person whose spinal cord has been damaged or severed may suffer from life-altering paralysis – perhaps paraplegia or quadriplegia. At Barnes Law Firm, our attorneys work hard to help people with SCIs and their closest family members recover compensation through well-documented injury claims and lawsuits.

Causes And Consequences Of SCIs

Causes of SCIs include motor vehicle accidents, workplace trauma, falls and untreated tumors around the spinal cord. Someone recovering from the trauma or illness leading to a spinal cord injury often faces a lengthy rehabilitation process and temporary or long-term disabilities.

Depending on where on the spinal cord an injury occurred, an SCI patient may be unable to walk or perform activities of daily living (ADL) on their own. They may suffer from neurological pain, urinary infections and emotional pain. After a spinal cord injury, someone may require expensive disability accommodations at home such as a power wheelchair, a lift, a modified van and home remodeling. They may also need the help of personal care attendants for life.

When a spinal cord injury is the result of someone else’s negligence, such as drunk driving or medical malpractice, legal representation can be just as important as medical and therapeutic care.

Turn To Trusted Advocates After An Accident Resulting In SCI

SCI cases often take time to resolve, and during that time, we become well acquainted with our courageous clients and their immediate families. We work hard to maximize compensation for SCI sufferers.

Our community roots run deep in the Kansas City metro area. At Barnes Law Firm, we consider our clients and their families to be our neighbors and friends. When someone is hurt, we become fiercely determined to apply our knowledge and skills to help them find avenues of hope through legal claims and lawsuits.

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