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Protect Your Business And Your Interests In It Through Litigation

No business owner or manager wants to spend time solving legal problems for their business, but it is often essential. A modest expenditure on legal fees at the early stages of a business-related dispute can prevent much larger, more expensive troubles down the line. Managing business disputes may seem to take away from the core mission of a business. However, resolving them promptly and decisively can actually be good for a business’s reputation and efficient operations.

At Barnes Law Firm, our business litigation services are for both plaintiffs and defendants. That is, we can help you or your business bring a breach of contract claim against a customer or another business. Our litigators can also help you defend your business after someone else – possibly a government agency – has brought a claim against it.

Resolve Disputes Early For Best Results

As in the case of personal injury law and other areas of civil litigation, preparing a case as if for trial is a fundamental best practice for business law attorneys. However, taking a small case to court is often counterproductive because of the high costs of trials. Whether for negotiations, mediation, arbitration or courtroom hearings, diligent preparation is the key to success in business litigation matters such as the following:

  • Breach of contract claims versus customers, suppliers and business partners
  • Unfair competition allegations
  • Intellectual property (IP) infringement allegations
  • Alleged violation of a noncompete or nondisclosure agreement
  • Franchising and licensing disputes
  • Insurance disputes
  • Partnership and shareholder disputes

We also assist with transactions such as business formation, dissolution and responses to shareholder takeover threats or purchase offers by other businesses.

Request A Business Litigation Case Review

If you become a client of one of our business litigation attorneys, you can count on ample one-on-one communication with your lawyer. You will have their full attention as the two of you devise a promising dispute resolution strategy and then carry it out.

To start the conversation, call us at 816-608-4065 or send an email inquiry. Be sure to ask how seeking legal representation for your Missouri business can amount to a good investment in your business.