Legal Advocacy To Give You A Strong Voice

Settle Business Disputes To Protect Your Business Interests

You don’t want to waste time dealing with legal problems as a business owner. However, doing so is crucial to maintain a profitable enterprise. By investing in business legal services now, you can save your business considerable time and money by avoiding potential legal pitfalls. It can also help your business build and maintain a positive reputation with your community and customer base.

At Barnes Law Firm, our attorneys can help you effectively navigate business disputes. Whether you are a plaintiff or a defendant, we can advocate for your interests in various nuanced and complicated business disputes.

Adjusting Our Approach To Meet Your Needs

We know that no business dispute is the same, and we have the skills and tools to adapt to your needs. You have a unique story and specific interests you’d like to pursue. We can help you pursue those interests. We’re ready and equipped for trial if you need to settle your dispute in court. However, suppose you would like to settle matters out of court. In that case, we can help you negotiate these matters through alternative dispute resolution. Some of the cases we handle include:

  • Breach of contract claims versus customers, suppliers and business partners
  • Unfair competition allegations
  • Intellectual property (IP) infringement allegations
  • Alleged violation of a noncompete or nondisclosure agreement
  • Franchising and licensing disputes
  • Insurance disputes
  • Partnership and shareholder disputes

We also assist with transactions such as business formation, dissolution and responses to shareholder takeover threats or purchase offers by other businesses.

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Work With Kansas City Business Lawyers You Can Trust

It takes a lot to trust someone else with your business. In exchange for that trust, we will dedicate our time and resources to passionately representing your needs and interests.

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