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Traumatic brain injury can be a frightening diagnosis, due to the severity of harm and the uncertain prognosis for recovery. Such an injury can be life-changing. Many patients require lifelong care and can no longer maintain gainful employment. If you or a loved one sustained a traumatic brain injury in an accident caused by negligence, your chances of winning compensation for economic losses or pain and suffering depend on mounting a strong evidentiary case. At Barnes Law Firm, our skilled personal injury lawyers have a track record of excellent results in negotiating and trying TBI cases. Our determination is second to none when it comes to pursuing appropriate money damages to meet our clients’ future needs.

Types And Degrees Of Traumatic Brain Injury

A traumatic brain injury occurs when an outside force or object contacts or penetrates the cranium, destroying brain tissue. Types and causes of TBIs include:

  • Blunt force: If an object violently impacts a victim’s skull, TBI occurs at the point of impact and on the opposite side, in what is called a contrecoup injury. Common causes are assault, sports, falls and motor vehicle accidents.
  • Concussive force: This type of TBI, in which an explosion sends shock waves against the victim’s skull, occurs most often in combat but can be triggered by an accidental explosion.
  • Penetration: Here, an object pierces the victim’s skull and directly contacts brain tissue. Common causes are gunshots and accidents that produce high-speed projectiles.
  • Shaking: A violent back and forth movement can cause the brain to shift within the cranium, resulting in tearing and contrecoup trauma. Common causes are child abuse (including shaken baby syndrome) and vehicle rollovers.

TBI has different degrees, based on severity:

  • Mild: Any loss of consciousness is very brief, lasting only a few seconds or minutes. The victim may only feel dazed or confused and usually suffers mild symptoms of a concussion that dissipate within days.
  • Moderate: The victim’s loss of consciousness lasts from a few minutes to a few hours. Confusion can last from days to weeks and the victim suffers physical, cognitive or behavioral impairments that last for months and sometimes are permanent.
  • Severe: Most often the result of penetration or crushing of the skull, severe head trauma requires prolonged hospitalization and extensive rehabilitation, which usually does not result in the victim returning to pre-injury condition.

Serious TBI can cause a range of long-term symptoms affecting cognition, sensation, language or emotions. TBI can also cause epilepsy and increase the risk for Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease and other age-related brain disorders.

Effective Strategies To Recover The Full Compensation You Deserve

If you have been diagnosed with TBI or were injured under circumstances that would suggest a TBI diagnosis is appropriate, you should not rush into a settlement. It is important to allow time for symptoms to emerge and clarify themselves before locking yourself into a level of compensation that might be inadequate two months or so in the future. Our personal injury lawyers take a patient approach to ensure the settlement you accept is fair in light of each and every factor affecting your future. Our goal is to recover compensation for the totality of the harm you have suffered.

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