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Answering Your Questions About Missouri Personal Injury Cases

People who get hurt because of another person’s carelessness are entitled to seek legal accountability and compensation to support their recovery. Sounds simple enough, right? But getting from point A to point B can seem confusing and overwhelming to those just starting out.

At Barnes Law Firm, our Kansas City, Missouri, attorneys guide injured people along this journey. Let us help you begin your journey by answering some of the most popular questions about personal injury.

Can I Sue Multiple Parties For My Semi-Truck Accident Injuries?

Yes. In truck accident cases, there are many potential sources of fault, for example, the driver, the trucking company, the company that loaded the truck, the truck’s manufacturer, etc.

Upon investigation, one of these parties could be at fault for the accident or the blame could be shared by more than one party. In cases where multiple parties are at fault, it’s possible to seek accountability from each of them in separate lawsuits.

What Qualifies As A Mistake To Collect Compensation For A Medical Mistake In Missouri?

To have a valid medical malpractice claim, the following must be present:

  • A medical provider has a duty to meet a standard of care.
  • The provider fell short of the standard of care.
  • This lapse resulted in damages such as an injury, additional medical expenses or pain and suffering.
  • The damages incurred were the direct result of the provider’s dereliction of duty.

Medical mistakes that could be considered medical malpractice include surgical, prescription, anesthesia and diagnostic errors.

A Dog Bit My Daughter. What Do I Need To Prove In Missouri To Recover Compensation For Her Injuries?

To file a personal injury lawsuit for a dog bite, the victim must have been on public property, be lawfully present if it happened on private property and not have provoked the attack. In terms of evidence, medical records, photos and statements from witnesses can help you build your dog bite case.

What Types Of Slip-And-Fall Scenarios Allow An Injured Party In Missouri To Recover Compensation?

People who get hurt because of dangerous conditions on the property of another person or party can pursue a premises liability claim. In cases of a slip-and-fall accident, potential scenarios include:

  • Slipping on an unmarked wet spot on the floor
  • Tripping over torn carpeting
  • Falling on uncleared snow or ice outside a building

Essentially, if someone falls and hurts themselves because of a safety risk present in the environment and not because of their own error, they could have a valid premises liability claim.

What Is Product Liability, And What Are A Few Dangerous Products Often Seen In The Media?

When someone gets hurt, sick or dies because of a dangerous product, they can legally hold the product’s manufacturer accountable through a product liability claim. These claims can stem from any product imaginable, including furniture, appliances, tools, medicines, baby products, food items, fitness equipment and more. The herbicide Roundup is a particularly infamous and dangerous product you may have seen in the media.

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