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Today, most employment in the United States is at-will, meaning that employers can dismiss workers for almost any cause or for no cause at all. This is true for most employment in Missouri. However, an employer cannot terminate a worker for a reason that violates federal or state protection. If that happens, the worker may be entitled to compensation, reinstatement or both. If your employer has violated your rights, the employment law attorneys at Barnes Law Firm can bring a wrongful termination lawsuit and fight aggressively for the fair compensation you deserve.

Wrongful Termination In Violation Of An Employment Contract

Employment contracts, which are commonly the purview of executives or employees with specialized skills or knowledge, typically provide procedures for termination of the contract based on specified grounds. Contracts may set benchmarks for performance and include provision for severance or other compensation if the employer wishes to end the employment contract before its term. If you believe your employer has terminated your employment in breach of your agreement, we can help you recover the compensation and other damages to which you’re entitled.

Wrongful Termination In Violation Of State And Federal Employment Law

U.S. and Missouri employment law protects workers from being fired for prohibited discriminatory or retaliatory reasons:

  • Discrimination: This occurs if you were fired because of your age, disability, ethnicity, sex, pregnancy, race, religion, national origin or other suspect classification.
  • Retaliation: This occurs if you were fired because you exercised a legal right, such as filing a sexual harassment complaint, demanding unpaid overtime, requesting an accommodation for a disability, requesting family leave or acting as a whistleblower.

We know how to invoke remedies provided by statutes for this illegal type of termination, which include lost wages, the value of lost benefits, pain and suffering, and possible reinstatement.

Wrongful Termination For Whistleblowers

There are numerous federal and state laws that prohibit employers from taking retaliatory actions against a whistleblower, defined as an employee who exposes the employer’s unlawful behavior to the proper authorities. If you believe your employer has retaliated against you for whistleblowing in any way, up to and including firing, our employment law attorneys are prepared to fight tirelessly for your rights and to seek the full damages allowed by law.

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