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Prisoners are entitled to humane conditions and fair treatment under the law, but many horrifying cases of abuse occur frequently behind bars, resulting in injury or death. Unfortunately, victims and their families often don’t realize they have legal options. Barnes Law Firm in Kansas City, Missouri, represents clients throughout the area who have been subject to abuse behind bars. Whether the incident in question stems from correction officer misconduct or prisoner-on-prisoner violence, our experienced advocates battle to find the truth and to hold the liable parties accountable.

Dedicated Firm Pursues Justice When Corrections Officers Cross The Line

In a recent survey, nearly 20% of prisoners stated that they had been assaulted by a corrections officer or another inmate. Given the number of incarcerated men and women in the United States, the number of victims exceeds 400,000. However, it can be very difficult for prisoners to exercise their civil rights while behind bars. Starting with a free initial consultation, we’ll guide you on the steps necessary to bring a claim relating to:

  • Abusive guards: Without proper supervision, police officers and prison guards might go beyond the bounds of acceptable behavior while they’re in charge of incarcerated individuals. This can be even more likely in private or public facilities that are understaffed.
  • Prisoner-on-prisoner violence: Governments and businesses that are responsible for running jails and prisons have a duty to protect incarcerated individuals from violent behavior. However, supervision sometimes fails or corrections officers willfully ignore disputes between prisoners. In these matters, our lawyers investigate to see what steps could have been taken to avert the incident and how the people in charge reacted.
  • Sexual assault: Sexual assault of prisoners, regardless of their gender, is a major problem at our nation’s detention facilities. Cost-cutting and willful neglect contribute to these attacks, which frequently go unreported. We handle litigation alleging sexual contact by guards and assaults by inmates.

Being convicted of a crime, even a violent felony, does not strip you of your fundamental civil rights, including the right to be free from cruel and unusual punishment.

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