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Attorneys Work To Collect Reimbursement For Fatal Rights Violations

All civil rights violations are wrong, but in certain instances, they can be fatal. Police and corrections officers who misuse their authority in a manner that leads to a death present a serious danger to the community. Unfortunately, criminal prosecutions can be very difficult in these situations, and sometimes the only way to achieve justice is through a civil rights claim. At Barnes Law Firm in Kansas City, Missouri, we are accomplished civil rights attorneys and also have achieved strong results in wrongful death actions. Whether the case relates to unwarranted police force, inhumane prison conditions or another type of violation, we’ll work tirelessly to secure proper compensation.

Firm Handles Missouri And Kansas Cases Involving Police And Prison Abuse

Our firm’s experience with both civil rights and wrongful death litigation helps surviving family members gain a complete perspective on their legal rights. In a free initial consultation, we’ll outline the relevant statutes and explain how they apply to fatal instances of:

  • Excessive police force: The targeting of certain groups and communities by law enforcement officers can spin out of control quickly. Improper stops and arrests have escalated to deadly encounters even when the suspect wasn’t armed. By thoroughly reviewing the evidence and looking beyond official reports, our lawyers fight to expose the wrongful use of excessive force and gain a measure of justice for bereaved families.
  • Prison violence: More than 4,000 inmates die annually due to a variety of reasons. One largely preventable cause is prison violence. Assaults by fellow prisoners, and sometimes guards, can occur after the civil rights of incarcerated individuals are violated.
  • Neglect: Failures by police and corrections officers to meet the needs of incarcerated individuals create serious risks. Tight government budgets increase the likelihood that someone in custody will not receive proper supervision, medical care or overdose treatment. In some cases, the neglect has lasted for so long that a victim dies of dehydration. If you believe that a suicide or some other type of death might be traced to a civil rights violation, we’ll help you determine the best course of legal action.

Losing a loved one is devastating, especially when a government officer or agent is the culprit, but we won’t let you be intimidated as our firm pursues payment from the responsible people and institutions.

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