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Kansas City Truck Accidents FAQ

At Barnes Law Firm, we understand the pain, turmoil and uncertainty you may face after a collision with an 18-wheeler or other commercial truck. These incidents often leave a trail of distress, and you deserve a team that stands with you, ensuring your rights are protected and your voice heard. Here, we address your most pressing questions and guide you through your options for recovery after a truck accident due to trucking company negligence.

What types of compensation can I recover for my truck accident injuries?

If you have suffered injuries in a truck accident, you may be entitled to various forms of compensation. Economic damages cover quantifiable losses like medical bills and lost wages. Noneconomic damages address the less tangible effects, such as pain and suffering and reduced enjoyment of life. In certain cases, punitive damages may also be awarded to punish particularly reckless behavior.

Do I need an attorney if I already received an offer from the insurance company?

Accepting an initial offer from an insurance company might be tempting, but these offers are often less than you deserve. Our experienced personal injury lawyers are familiar with insurance companies’ tactics to minimize payouts. We are prepared to negotiate fervently for a fair settlement or take your case to trial if needed to secure the compensation you are entitled to.

What family members can recover in a wrongful death lawsuit involving a truck accident fatality?

In the unfortunate event of a truck accident fatality, Missouri and Kansas law permits certain family members to pursue a wrongful death lawsuit. In Missouri, parents, children and spouses have a right to sue, while siblings are also included in Kansas. Our compassionate team can help you understand your rights and seek justice for your loved one.

How is compensation calculated for future medical procedures or surgery?

Calculating future medical needs can be complex. Your lawyer will engage with medical experts who can review your situation and provide testimony on the likely future treatments, such as surgeries, that you will require. This ensures that your compensation reflects the true extent of your needs.

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