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Frequently Asked Questions About Truck Accidents

The Kansas City metro area sits at the juncture of Interstate 35, heading north and south, and Interstate 70, heading east and west. Abundant trucking traffic from all directions sometimes results in truck accidents in the metro area and beyond.

From law offices in between the J.C. Nichols Plaza and downtown, Kansas City, Missouri, our law firm is a source of information and help. We provide answers and advocacy to people with injury and fatality claims involving 18-wheelers and other large commercial vehicles. We often personalize answers to questions such as those below.

Who is responsible for compensating people who have been injured or have lost loved ones in trucking accidents in Missouri and elsewhere?

A large challenge in any truck accident case is to determine who was at fault, such as the truck driver or owner, the trucking company, a maintenance service, a loading dock company and/or a parts manufacturer. Insurers often assert that whoever they insure was not at fault. Our attorneys are skilled at cutting through the blame game.

How is fault determined after a trucking accident?

A detailed investigation may include accident reconstruction to discover whose negligence caused a crash. Evidence may include the police report, eyewitness depositions, examination of wrecked vehicles, surveillance video footage, tire skid marks on the pavement and more. Your personal injury attorney will seek to persuade a claims adjuster, jury or judge as to who was at fault.

How much is my case worth after I suffered serious injuries or my family member died in a truck crash on I-35, I-70 or another street or highway?

To put a dollar amount on your claim, we may consult with medical and financial experts. We will tally up your past, present and future costs, including lost wages. Your actual recovery after all expenses have been paid may depend on factors such as insurance coverage limits as well as a jury’s understanding of your pain and suffering and who was at fault.

What if I may have been partially at fault in the trucking accident that left me injured or took the life of my passenger?

According to the legal concept of comparative fault in Missouri, the compensation you receive through a verdict or settlement will be reduced by a percentage equal to the degree of your fault in the crash.

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